Our Crockett High School 50th Year Celebration came together with the combined efforts of a dedicated team of volunteers. Work began before May of 2018 and will carry on through the completion of the Gala event in April 2019.

Organiziation Representatives

Crockett High School 50th Year Celebration


Advertising, Fundraising


Create, proofread, and update website to inform alumni and community of CHS50ATX events.

  • Debbie Dourte
  • Sarah Losolla
  • Tierra Turnerhill
  • Elizabeth Price
  • Laurie Staton Roehrig


Create decorations, center pieces, and props for the Golden Gala event.


Contact and contract music, DJ, and speakers for Gala

  • Aisha Williams

Facebook Page

Create and maintain the group Facebook page, moderate posts to stay in guidelines.

  • Aisha Williams
  • Alicia Jimenez-Garcia
  • Melodee McIntosh
  • Kara Cardona Messer


Interview nominated Crockett alumni and former students, write articles for the magazine, plan layout and publication.

The magazine will be distributed to attendees of the CHS 50th Year Celebration Golden Gala.
  • Debbie Dourte
  • Sarah Losolla 
  • L.J. Gonzalez
  • Mary Alice Heape

Event Coordination

Reserve Gala facility and coordinate committees, facility security staff, communications between staff at the Gala event and facilitate the timeline for the evening.

  • Aisha Williams,  aikaywil@gmail.com
  • Sarah Losolla,  slosolla93@gmail.com
  • Nicole Boedecker, nboedeke@gmail.com

  Robin Matthews

  L.J. Gonzales 

  Jennifer Darling

  Tierra Turnerhill

  Elizabeth Price

Board of Directors 

    President - Aisha Williams

  Vice President- Melodee McIntosh

  Treasurer - Sarah Losolla

  Secretary- Debbie Fields Dourte

  David Dupont

  Kara Messer

  Alicia Jimenez

  Ann Marie & Kirk Woolsey 

  Leigh Ann Shannon

  Nicole Boedecker                  Max Harley Fisher


Members at Large