Advertising Patrons

Advertising Patrons have purchased advertising space on our website and in the Golden Gala Magazine to help provide funding for the Golden Gala Magazine.
If you would like to advertise with us please check out the details on our "Advertise" Page, and e-mail us at
THANK YOU, Advertising Patrons, for your support!

Sponsoring Patrons

Sponsoring Patrons donate a dollar amount, which is designated to pay for or contribute to paying  for a specific purpose
such as this Website, Gala Decorations,
Magazine Printing expenses, Gala Security, Gala Insurance,
or for a Guest Speaker's ticket.  We are grateful for donations in any amount.


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Auction Patrons

Auction Patrons donate gift items such as cards, passes, or items of interest which will be placed up for auction at the Golden Gala on April 13, 2019
Thank you to all who have donated items for the Auction.  If you are interested in donating,
please contact us at and title your email "Auction Patron Offer" so we will know that's how you want to contribute!
Thank You to all our Auction Patrons!